Community Feedback

Upvote a Project

The upvote button is very similar to a like button. An upvote for a project by users signals their stamp of authority for a future VentUp IDO Launch. This enables our community to be part of the project selection process.
A project requires a minimum threshold of 1500 upvotes to become eligible for an Initial DEX Offering. Once the threshold is met, the creators can apply for the token launch. Our due diligence team will evaluate the project to determine compatibility with Vent Quality Standards.
The minimum threshold of upvotes is dynamic and may be subject to change.
Upvote Button (Beta-Release)

Provide Comments

The comment functionality is project-specific and enables users to provide feedback about certain projects. This allows users to overview the general sentiment and offers additional support for the investment process. For project creators, it's valuable feedback on their progress.
Comment Section (Beta-Release)