Finding the Right Resources

Finding the right investors for project creators is more than just looking for someone who wants to invest. The idea is to find someone who believes in the creator's vision, understands the challenges that arise, and has the business acumen required for success. The crypto industry is prevalent with "investors" that claim to provide resources and support yet fail to deliver. A project needs various investors experienced and knowledgeable in a specific area and maybe more that ultimately enable sustained project growth.
On a single platform, Vent Finance brings together the best of the industry needs.
To gain traction in the market and build a product, creators cannot simply choose any partner. The process is complex, with several stages examined. Many projects outsource partners without questioning their suitability for the task, leading to a lack of quality or no delivery at all. Creators must ensure they check every aspect before finalizing choices on collaboration for an upcoming project or venture.
Vent Finance brings together only the best partners to engage with project creators.

Participating in Initial DEX Offerings

Going through the process of an IDO is cumbersome and inconvenient: prospective token holders must sign up on multiple platforms before a transaction can be completed. This makes it easy for people looking to scam others by selling fake tokens or stealing their money while they're waiting around online because a project's official communication channels and DEX address aren't clearly communicated.
A significant barrier for retail investors is the risk of receiving false or misleading information from external parties who have ulterior motives. Additionally, it can be challenging to discern trustworthy sources when obtaining information about a new investment opportunity due to a lack of trustworthiness in either party.

Providing access to Quality Projects

Current launchpads employ systems such as random lottery or guaranteed allocation, both of which have significant drawbacks. The random lottery system causes general frustration for those who are unlucky and question the transparency behind the process. The guaranteed allocation allows everyone to participate in the project, however, it limits investors as they can only invest a very small amount.