This Whitepaper has been drafted on the occasion of the issuance of 67,000,000 VENT tokens, corresponding to the Pre ICO and the ICO (Initial Coin Offering or initial cryptocurrency issuance) together (Pre-Sale and Sale).
Investors are cautioned that:
  • The investment described in this Whitepaper involves the assumption of greater risk than investing in publicly traded companies.
  • There is currently no legislation regulating (i) the processes of initial issuance of cryptocurrency or ICOs nor (ii) the legal nature of the rights derived from cryptocurrencies or tokens.
  • The custody of cryptocurrencies or tokens is not performed by an entity authorized to provide investment services.
  • ICOs, as well as the custody of cryptocurrencies or tokens, are based on what is known as distributed ledger technology or Blockchain, a novel technology that is not free of certain risks, as described below.
Investors are cautioned that a full and careful reading of this Whitepaper is necessary to fully understand the information contained in this Whitepaper and to make any investment decision in connection with this Whitepaper.