VentUp can be monetized in various ways:

Project Launches

If a project is successfully funded on VentUp's launchpad, Vent Finance will charge a 5 - 10% success fee from the total funding and 1 - 3% of total tokens sold. The amount will vary depending on the scope of the project.
If the funding was not successful, there will be no fees.
Vent Finance strongly believes creators deserve to be sufficiently rewarded for building a great product. We're a platform that allows easy and secure purchase of tokens or crypto-assets from early-stage while supporting project creators with the necessary resources.
Launch Success
5 - 10% of total Funds Raised
Token Percentage Fee
1 - 3% of total Tokens Sold

Third-Party Transactions

VentCommerce will charge a 3,5% transaction fee for every transaction completed on the marketplace.
If the service was not completed, there will be no transaction fee.
Third-Party Transaction Fee
3,5% on all Third-Party Transactions