Due Diligence

Project Profile

The project profile allows users to learn essential information about projects wanting to list on VentUp. Information such as a project summary, team, advisors & partners, and pool & token information. This allows users to execute individual due diligence as the necessary information is presented beforehand.
Furthermore, users can analyze sentiment towards a project, as there is a comment section on every project page. This does not, nevertheless, constitute in any way financial advice. The ability to gauge overall opinions about a specific project provides extra due diligence and increases users' confidence when making investment decisions on VentUp.

Vent Quality Standards

The Vent Quality Standard Check is performed after the Vent community sufficiently upvotes a project. The process ensures we reduce risk exposure and ensure our users' correct decision-making before a project's token launch. The Vent Quality Standards is composed of the following criteria:
Clarity of Purpose
Market Size / Product Fit
Tech Integration
Team DNA