Token Utility

Project Access

Users stake VENT tokens in exchange for participating in new initial DEX offerings. A user can deposit X amount of VENT tokens to generate Y amount of points. These points are used to access new projects on our VentUp Launchpad. This system is known as the Point Allocation System (PAS).
The generation of points may vary due to: the number of VENT tokens staked by the user, the total number of VENT tokens staked, and the number of projects launching.

Funding Currency

The VENT token is usable as a medium of exchange representing a standard of value, which is used to participate in fixed pools swaps on VentUp's Launchpad. Projects creators can choose to receive funding from investors in VENT. This reduced the success fee for VentUp.

Platform Governance

VENT token holders can vote on proposed changes to our VentUp Launchpad. This includes voting on upcoming IDOs, new product features, ecosystem updates, or initiatives; anyone can submit a proposal and allow VENT token holders to vote.